Monday, 2 May 2011

Rochester Sweeps Festival

I usually only post scrapbook layouts and cards on my blog but for a change today here are a few photos of my day out yesterday to the Sweeps Festival at Rochester.

sweeps festival 2011 209sweeps festival 2011 058sweeps festival 2011 072sweeps festival 2011 086sweeps festival 2011 089sweeps festival 2011 098sweeps festival 2011 118sweeps festival 2011 180sweeps festival 2011 155 - Copysweeps festival 2011 259sweeps festival 2011 266sweeps festival 2011 268sweeps festival 2011 287sweeps festival 2011 108

sweeps festival 2011 162

sweeps festival 2011 033 - Copy

And I want some of these;

sweeps festival 2011 148

They sound so good as they walk along with the bells jingling but they are £140 and made of wood so I don’t think they would be very comfortable so perhaps I’ll stick with my Birkenstocks.


Julie said...

Such lovely photos Jeannie,I used to work in Rochester and was involved in lots of the different festivals over the years but Sweeps is definately my favourite! Maybe we should start up Morris dancing,I've always fancied giving it a go ;)
Enjoy the bank holiday,Julie.x

New Nanny said...

Looks like you had a great day and the photos are great.xx

gayle said...

Great photos Jeannie. Looks as though you had a lovely day. Glad the weather stayed good for them this weekend. x