Monday, 11 October 2010

Owls everywhere!

I’ve had another request from DD to make a card for a friend who likes owls……..well I got a bit carried away and the time I had finished I had made a little collection of owl things!


The card has a felt owl which is removable and has a badge back sewn on to it.


And then I made a notebook;


And finally I made a necklace;


I hope she likes them!

**Edited to add - The lovely Sue has pointed out to me that my owl creations fit very nicely in to this weeks challenge at Little Red Wagon.


Julie said...

Well if she doesn't(Though I can't see it) I have an Owl mad daughter who would find a home for them!So love the felt Owl!.x

Sue Upson said...

Owl-tastic :-)
They fit in with the challenge at Little Red Wagon if you are interested (link on my blog!) Sue xx

Regan said...

ack...I love this!!!