Saturday, 22 May 2010

Envelope Book

Recently in our fortnightly classes at we made an envelope book. Although initially, the construction was quite tricky it developed into a beautiful mini-book. At this class we could choose our own papers from a selection and I plumped for some of the Hang 10 range from Basic Grey  one of their earliest ranges. I used photographs from our holiday in St Ives in Cornwall 3 years ago and where we will also be returning to for a short holiday this year.

14th April 2010 030 14th April 2010 031 14th April 2010 032 14th April 2010 033 14th April 2010 034 14th April 2010 035 14th April 2010 036  

In got a bit carried away making pockets and tags and managed to add quite a few photos to this project. I'm looking for ward to this years holiday and all the photographs I can take - I didn't have my DSLR when I was there last time!


vicky said...

Beautiful Jeannie, some lovely pics too xx

Sue Upson said...

Fab book Jeannie! Congrats on getting it finished, mines still in its paper bag with quite a few others! Great photos too xx

peata said...

sweet mini.