Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Journal Your Christmas days 21,22 and 23 - and I saw Father Christmas today.

I have surprised myself that I have kept my journal up to date - I think that as I have kept the pages quite simple it has not taken too long. I have also learned that I can journal or scrap without a photo which is something that I had not previously done.

The prompt for day 21 was "right now" - to take a photograph in your house no matter how messy it was - well mine happened to be of the mess resulting from wrapping presents.

23rd december 004

The prompt for day 22 was to make a list of things left to do - and I'm happy to say it's not too much!

23rd december 005

The prompt for day 23 was all about Christmas stockings and my dilemma now is how are we going to put a stocking at the end of our child's bed to wake up to on Christmas morning when she is a 15 yr old who goes to sleep after us! She'll have to pretend to be asleep - I'm sure she has before!

23rd december 006

Only 1 more day to journal until Christmas day! - as we either have guests or are out visiting on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and on Sunday I think that I may have some catching up to do next week!

When my little friend Katie's mum asked me to look after her for an hour or so this afternoon, I thought it might be a good opportunity to see Father Christmas as it is a long tie since my 15 yr old daughter has been to see F.C. She told me afterwards that she thought it was the real Father Christmas but had thought about pulling his beard just to make sure - glad she didn't!

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vicky said...

Love these pages Jeannie, hope you & the family have a wonderful christmas. I will be looking out for the rest of your journal over the remainder of holidays!! xxx