Sunday, 13 December 2009

Days 11, 12 and 13 Journal Your Christmas

I'm up to date again and have done three pages today- I'm getting faster at this.

Day 11

13th december 001x

I had already journaled about how disappointed I had been with our tree last year but this year it just seemed so much quicker and easier to assemble and we put up all the decorations yesterday evening - our house is looking much more "Christmasy" now!

Day 12

13th december 002x

The prompt for day 12 is Christmas past so here is a photo of me aged about 10 with a school friend at a children's Christmas Party where my mum worked.

Day 13

13th december 003x

Day 13's prompt is Christmas music. This was fun looking up Christmas songs and listening to them all. My choice of songs does give my age away a bit though!


vicky said...

Love these pages Jeannie, I am enjoying following your christmas journey with you!! You have inspired me to try & do my own little journal over the christmas hols! and I am definately going to do this class next year xx

Sian said...

Hehe..I think my choice of Christmas music would be very similar so you can guess what age I am too! Great pages