Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Back in the summer, last year, on a very hot and sunny August Sunday we all went as a family on a day trip up to London. We were celebrating my brother-in-laws birthday. We took the train to Charring Cross  and took a short stroll to Trafalgar Square. I hadn't really realised how close together so many of the London landmarks are and a short walk took us through Trafalgar Square, through Horse Guards Parade, across the Mall with a quick wave to Buckingham Palace, past the Duke of York, past Eros and into the Rainforest Cafe.

It has taken me a while to scrap the photos but I have made them into a mini book at last. I just covered beer mats with patterned paper and used book rings to bind it. I had so many photos to use that I had to keep embellishments to a minimum to stop the book getting too fat! I hope you like it!

12th march 2010 010

12th march 2010 002 12th march 2010 003

12th march 2010 004 12th march 2010 005 12th march 2010 006 12th march 2010 007 12th march 2010 008 12th march 2010 009   12th march 2010 012

These are just a few of the pages.

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